Forum Rules

Forum Rules

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1. No insulting or degrading others PERIOD. This is a place for sharing information. While suggestions for improvement and positive critiques are always welcome, berating or belittling will be meet with harsh consequences.
2. No baiting, flaming, shilling, or trolling. This includes using avatars or signatures to provoke other people.
3. No spamming or "business opportunities."
4. No swearing. Although word filters are active, don't try to get around it.
5. No pornography
6. No politics/religion.
7. No sock puppet accounts.
8. Avatars and signatures: keep them reasonable, and only one signature banner.
9. Confidential information is confidential. Do not transcribe, copy, or otherwise distribute information in private forums to third parties without permission. All information posted in the Staff and Board sections of this forum is considered confidential.
10. No crude or threatening behavior. Determination of such will be in the sole judgment of staff.
11. If you get censored or edited, don't jump on the "free speech" bandwagon. Private organizations are not obligated to uphold the First Amendment
12. No rules-lawyering. The decisions of staff are final. Most of the staff are just as expert in rules-lawyering as you are. Obey the spirit of the law even if the letter of the law doesn't expressly specify every possible outcome, permutation or result of an action.
13. No resurrecting old threads that have a time limit like a poll, or an agreement of an opinion already stated. This will not be tolerated. However, if something is very relevant, new, and adds something to the discussion, by all means post it.
14. Take responsibility for how your posts may be interpreted. If you meant it one way, and multiple people interpreted it another, maybe it's not necessarily their fault for reading it wrong. Maybe it's because of how it's written.

Definitions and Other Policies:

Pornographic Material:
All pornographic, sexually suggestive and sexist material are prohibited. Additionally, do not link to porn or post "Email/PM me for/with porn".

A "troll" refers to a member who does not contribute to discussions in a meaningful way, and may in fact post messages merely for his or her own amusement, or to insult, annoy, provoke, or anger another member or group of members. Trolling is prohibited.

"Shilling" refers to the use of the board's resources, membership list, PM system, etc. to communicate in any form on behalf of a banned member. Shilling is prohibited.

Sock Puppeting:
A "sock puppet" refers to an alias being used by a member in order to hide their identity and may be used to make complaints, to insult, annoy, provoke, or anger another member or group of members (see "troll" above). Sock puppeteering is prohibited.

Additions and changes to these rules may occur at any time. It is your responsibility to keep up to date on them.
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